Are counselling & psychological services confidential?

Yes. We closely follow the relevant privacy legislation to ensure your personal information is kept private and confidential. As with other health-care professionals in Ontario, there are some limitations to confidentiality and these will be fully discussed early in your first session with us.

Are services covered by OHIP?

No. Fees for counselling or psychological services are often reimbursed by your extended health-care benefits provider. Psychologists’ or clinical-social-workers’ fees are fully or partially covered in many cases. It is very similar to being reimbursed after seeing your dentist or chiropractor. Please check with your insurance provider about whether you or your child’s benefits include receiving counselling or psychological services. We accept payment at the end of each session, and then provide you with a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company. Any fees not covered by your extended-benefits package can be claimed as a medical expense when you file your taxes. Please note that we are not able to bill in the names of other family members (e.g. parents) on receipts if the services are for another individual client (e.g. a child).

What forms of payment do you take? What are your fees?

We currently accept payment by e-transfer only. Fees are based on the clinician whom will be working with you and their level of training and experience.

How do I get referred?

There is no referral required. Although physicians often refer their patients to a psychologist or clinical-social worker, this is not required for you to receive services. You may set up an initial appointment by phone at any time. Some insurance providers require a physician referral before they will cover psychological services. It’s best to check with your insurance provider.

Do psychologists prescribe medications?

No. Medical doctors and psychiatrists prescribe medications. Psychologists often do collaborate with physicians to help co-ordinate services for a particular client. This can include talking with clients about whether a medication consult with a physician may be helpful.

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